1. On Sunday, thoroughly mix the entire package of Turkey Brine with 2 gallons of distilled water. (Optional: Boil contents in 1/2 gal).

2. Separate the skin from the bird to allow the brine to penetrate further. Place into cool brine. Refrigerate. Shake daily.

Additional Materials (besides turkey and rub)

  • Disposable aluminum pans

  • 4 sticks of butter (salt-free)

  • 32 fl oz chicken broth (reduced sodium)


  1. On Thanksgiving morning, dry off the bird and apply the Grill 'n' Chips (or another one of our great rubs). Let the rub set while you start the smoker.

  2. Smoke for 5 hours at 225F (we prefer cherry wood).

  3. Start oven at low temperature (~250F or as low as your oven can go).

  4. Place the turkey in an oven bag (or wrap in foil), 2 aluminum disposable pans (2 for sturdiness), 32 oz chicken broth (reduced sodium), 4 butter sticks (salt-free; 2 in the cavity, and 2 in the bag).

  5. Roast for 3-4 hours.

  6. Let sit while cooking the side dishes. The bird will moisten, and the butter and smoke flavor can be great for dipping and/or addition to mashed potatoes.

Additional tip: Cook sides in aluminum disposable pans, imprint initials on the lids with a fork for easy identification, e.g. "MP" for mashed potatoes. This will allow for a 5-minute dinner clean-up and easier reheat for leftovers.

Additional tip: Use our barbecue sauces for leftover turkey sandwiches.

Potluck tip: Smoke turkey on Wednesday, set in the fridge overnight, debone, and then add turkey meat, broth, and 2 sticks of butter into Crock-Pot.