Our Story

Nathan and Melissa have been married since 2015. S&G BBQ is named after our children, whose names begin with "S" & "G".

Nathan and Melissa have very different tastes. Before finalizing each recipe, both decided to agree on the flavors and names. As a supportive wife, Melissa even approved the spicy recipes. This approach results in so much flavor for your family dinners, regardless of menu, even for the pickiest eaters.

On Father's Day 2017, Nathan attempted to make a barbecue sauce. The result was not successful; however, life would overtake Nathan's dream. On Father's Day 2019, Nathan's gift was another attempt at the spicy barbecue sauce with Melissa. This result was also not that successful, but Nathan had an idea of using the dry ingredients as a rub. The creation is now known as Fire Tornado (fire whirl is the official firefighting term); the delay in heat will come back at you (and let you finish the whole rack of ribs)!

The spicy Fire Tornado was never going to be Melissa's favorite, which became Nathan's goal. Therefore, Nathan had to get back into the kitchen, resulting in Grill 'n' Chips as the second rub in the line-up (Melissa thought the rub smelled like opening up a bag of barbecue chips).

Nathan enjoyed a national brand's coffee rub that was only good on beef, but it eventually was no longer sold. This inspired our third rub, Café Filet ® (rhyming name), which is also our most versatile seasoning.

While making rubs for our first farmers market (July 25, 2020), Nathan grabbed cayenne pepper instead of another ingredient while making Grill 'n' Chips. This mistake still sold well, was responsible for our first repeat customer, and incidentally became our 4th rub, Swelter (spicy enough to cause perspiration).

During the first few market events, several customers mentioned dietary requirements of Keto, Diabetes, and low sodium. Unruely was created to meet customer demand (rue is an old-fashioned term for guilt; the lack of brown sugar goes against the rules of BBQ rubs).

In September 2021, we received our first 2 sauces. Smokin' & Grillin' is the sauce form of our house rub, Grill 'n' Chips. The self-descriptive name also shares the company's name, S&G. This sauce is smoky, savory, and a little sweet; when you think of a great barbecue sauce that you can put on everything, we hope that Smokin' & Grillin' is it!

While making various sauces as a hobby, Nathan's first one was a jalapeño and honey sauce. Stinger was coined for the spicy and honey contents. This sauce makes amazing Sloppy Joe's and goes great on wings and ribs with Fire Tornado.


We are re-investing every dollar into more co-packing, i.e. another company, with an FDA-certified facility, that produces our recipes. Most importantly, this will give us more time with our children. Also, co-packing allows for sales nationwide, in stores, and to restaurants. As we grow, we will co-pack more sauces and rubs, and be able to place larger orders from our co-packers. In turn, we will be able to lower our prices, become more competitive, and increase our growth!

Our other sauce recipes include chocolate, coffee, curry, habanero, marshmallow, peaches, and peanut butter.

Long-term, we may choose to run a food truck and, maybe, even a brick and mortar. But, in the meantime, we enjoy the amazing feedback from customers about their in-home creations!